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about hush
hush intimate apparel
owned and operated by Lisa Nelson, is focused on its specialty of meeting the undergarment needs of all women.
In 2006, owner Lisa Nelson began to see things in a new light... She became a mother. As priorities shifted, she began to understand there was more to life than the corporate world. Simultaneously, she was experiencing frustrations bra shopping. Motherhood had left her a new set of criteria and very few places to turn. After a visit to Harp's in Birmingham, Lisa soon realized her calling - to help other women with this concern.

Lisa was sick of and tired of trying to find a bra that didn’t fall off her shoulders, ride up on her back , or the bra cups didn’t even come close to containing her breasts in separate cups. So, she created a place she and others like herself would like to go for the perfect bra… and all things that are hush.

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