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When I went to Hush with a friend I felt like I’d been inducted into a secret society. Why did I not know this place existed? These styles and price points and *comfortableness*! An underwire bra that doesn’t pinch and dig?! I didn’t think one existed and yet now I wear one everyday! The customer service is amazing and the staff totally approachable. They were even able to recommend a great repair place when I pulled out an eye after wearing my bra a few to many years. Of course it’s not a secret society but something we can share! I’ve brought in no less than half a dozen of my friends who now also rave about Hush. Bras, panties, swimsuit and more! Shopping doesn’t get better than this!! - Ae Misc

Well this is incredibly easy!! Hush is hands down my favorite shop for bras and swim wear! I buy my swim suit every year here and have the best experience. Kindest, most helpful staff.. beautiful selections.. best place to shop!! - Megan Lewandowski

Hush is the first place I look for a new bra, they are one of the only stores I can find that carries the hard to find sizes and with a great selection! - Maria Grace Haefner

Just left Hush with a smile on my face...again! My boobs love this store! Found 2 tankinis that fit me so well, which hasn’t happened for me in a long time! Now I’m excited for pool time! The staff is never pushy and I never feel uncomfortable with them fitting me into bras. Women supporting women of all sizes! I bought a few new bras, too. So many great choices in my size! Hush is the place for higher alphabet sizes that are sexy and supportive! - Emily Sack

Love Hush! Customer service is awesome! Never been disappointed! Great place to purchase bras. Wouldn’t go any any where else to get a good fitting bra! - MaryElizabeth Gienapp

Fitting bras is what Hush Intimate Apparel does and they do it well. I have daughters and we have all been to Hush and been measured and fitted to our proper size of bra. We each differ in size and they were able to find us what we needed. I have recommended this shop to others and we all have continued to shop at Hush Intimate Apparel. - Arlene Turner

I love coming into hush! Everyone is always eager to help me and I always leave with a great fit. I won’t buy a bra anywhere else. - Samantha Piggins

Well first let me say I’ve been meaning to get in there for a few weeks!!! I have a bra I love from Hush and the great thing is that it fits. I always thought I was a 34 and they were the ones who showed me I was a 32. So nice to have the pros help you out. Great under garments make clothes fit and look better!! - Susan Gardner

I love Hush because not only do they carrying my size, but also the bras are fashionable and cute. I’ve always had a hard time finding a sports bra that fits well and supports my active lifestyle but Hush helped me with that and went above and beyond. I’ve never been disappointed, they go the extra mile when they also teach you how to care for the items that you’ve purchased as well. - Andrea Hanford

I have not been yet but intend on trying Hush out. Ive heard so many good things about it! - Lisa Marin

Oh my! It has been a while now that I've had my very first fittings and bras from Hush. My bosoms have been very thankful since then. No more underwires stabbing me. Feel 100% more supported, & feel lovely and classy overall. Never had one bra from you fall apart. ! So I know I've saved money as well. Love everyone there! Thank you xoxo - Ryann Regan

Lisa and the staff at Hush are amazing! I've never felt uncomfortable and always find what I'm looking for. Why go anywhere else when everything you need is right here!! - Carrie Fletcher

I have been coming to Hush for a few years. I'm very difficult to fit and have been able to get several styles of bras in large sizes as well as sports bras, nursing bras, underwear, lingerie and swimwear. Everything I have bought is comfortable, long-lasting, and looks great. Lisa and her employees have made me feel fantastic in my own skin. They are knowledgeable, respectful, friendly, and kind. I have tried other shops and nobody comes close in customer service. - Liz Rodgers

Getting a proper bra fitting is SO SO important, and the staff at Hush truly knows what they're doing. Better still, they do it in such a friendly, approachable manner, they make you feel so comfortable and so at ease. The customer service offered here is absolutely top-notch, and the bras and swim suit I've purchased here are comfortable, beautiful and perfectly fitted. - Isabella Mansfield

Hush is the only place I have bought my bras for years! The ladies are always so great & happy to help me find just the right one & I'm picky - Julie Ferris Drury

I couldn’t be happier with Hush. The combination of great customer service and knowledge of products always leaves me happy with a well-fitting bra! - Mandy Davis Petcou

Lisa and her staff are top notch! They make every customer comfortable! They make you comfortable during the fitting and make sure the bra is a comfortable fit! If you think finding a bra for yourself is difficult try shopping for tween daughters! My daughters, now teenagers have been going there since their first bra purchase and refuse to buy bras any place else. The Hush staff always makes sure they aren’t breaking Mom’s budget and that the style is conservative enough a young girl! - Michelle Vincent

I have to say the bras are amazing! Just like a boob job, but so much cheaper! Also the ladies there are so much fun and make you feel so comfortable! I know when I leave I will have a bra that fits great and have had a few laughs. – Krista B.

Where do I start? I love Hush. I have been coming to hush for About 7 or 8 years. You guys have a great selection and outstanding staff. You have styles for every shape size and girth of breast to keep our girls in place and looking fabulous. You also have a great selection of swimwear especially for those of us that have larger girls that are not so perky so we can going swimming or sun bathing and look and feel amazing. – Jennifer T.

As someone who was struggling to find a comfortable, pretty, and supportive bra anywhere before Hush, I am thankful for the fittings, quantity of sizes and styles for all women. I have no more back aches and my clothes fit better because I get my bras at Hush. – Rachel O.

I have been going to Hush for a few years now and have always received the friendliest customer service. I just brought my 10yr old for her first bra fitting. We had a great experience and have recommended Hush to all of her friends' moms. - Christina M.

<p>I went into your store for a bra fitting and I could not believe how wonderful I was treated. I was totally comfortable. Love what I purchased. Went back for another bra and a bathing suit. - Donna B.</p>

Wonderful store! Amazing customer service! I highly recommend visiting HUSH in downtown Brighton. Lisa Nelson and her staff are truly fantastic and are experts in their products! It's a shopping experience unlike any I've experienced, and I truly enjoy going there! I highly recommend this store. – Rebecca D.

Victoria who?! Never will I go anywhere else to buy bras! What a great experience. Lindsay understood exactly what I what I was looking for. Her professionalism and knowledge was outstanding. I’m extremely happy with my purchases! – Amanda Drangin